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DeKalb/Stone Mountain Chapter – National Action Network!

It's A Family Affair (photo by Wazzle)

Welcome to the National Action Network of DeKalb County in Stone Mountain, Georgia, where family matters.  Bishop Darius Ashlock is the Chapter President. 

We are a new NAN Chapter, and not at full speed yet, so please pardon all the construction on this site; and join us in this year’s united National HIV Testing Day which was founded 16 years ago by NAPWA, the National Association of People With AIDS.  (Click on the NAPWA tab in the left sidebar.)  

The National Action Network, Tony Wafford’s “I Choose Life,” and the Centers for Disease Control’s “Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative” have launched a series of informational Town Hall Meetings in designated cities on June 25, as a prelude to the National HIV Testing Day which takes place on June 27.

Reverend Al Sharpton, founder of the National Action Network, continues to do his part to rev up the fight against the dread AIDS disease; and along with all the NAN chapters nationwide, we at the Nan DeKalb Chapter have made our primary focus this season, to get the word out that we do not have to let AIDS devastate our families. 


The AIDS plague has killed millions of people worldwide and continues to be one of the worst disease menaces in modern history.  Rev. Sharpton is encouraging everyone in the designated cities to come out to their Town Hall Meeting.  Knowledge is Power.” 

There are 500,000 people in the United Stateswho have the HIV virus in their bodies and they don’t know it.  The first step is to


Click on the tab, “The HIV/AIDS Initiative” on the right side-bar on this page.  And if you live in theDeKalbCounty, Stone Mountainarea, participate with us at an informative HIV Town Hall Meeting. For more information, see our flyer by clicking “The HIV/AIDS Initiative” tab.